Walter Buckett

Year : 2020

Time of production : 4 months

Challenge : Make a 20-minute long gameplay of an action-adventure game.

Team :

  • Arnaud CLAUDET – Game Artist
  • Marc CUDENNEC – Game Artist
  • Arthur GALLAND – Game Designer
  • Gauthier GOBERT – Game Designer
  • Edouard MURAT – Game Designer
  • Sarocha PHANSAART – Game Artist
  • Guillaume ROGE – Game Designer
  • Youmna SAHAB – Game Artist



For the second semester of my second year at Rubika SupInfoGame, we had to make an action-adventure game, like the Zelda game series. Teams were made to match people that have less projects in common.
However, this project has one big particularity : It happened during the COVID-19 pandemic. So, we mostly had to make it while being confined. This had a huge impact on it.


Walter Buckett is a retired firefighter that takes a well-deserved rest on a distant island only occupied by a few natives. But, barely arrived, the volcano, extinct since years, suddenly awakened and threatened the whole island.
Walter Buckett is called by the shaman of the village that told him he is the man that can save them from destruction. Walter Buckett obtains a magic bucket that can generate water indefinitely. With it, he has to run into the heart of the volcano to stop the Fire God that awakened the volcano.

To progress the player has to fight fire monsters and resolve many puzzles with the bucket. At the end, the final boss needs to use all mechanics seen in the game to be defeated.

My works

At the beginning of the project, I had the role of Team Leader. I had to organize meetings, send reports and lead the team. I organized a weekly meeting to help the team decide what work will be done during the next week.

On my side, I wrote the documentation for the game, following a rigorous writing protocol, imposed by our supervisor teacher.

After a month of working on this project, the global situation got worse, due to the lockdown we got in France for the COVID-19 pandemic. I had a really hard time during these 3 months and I had to take a break to avoid destroying my mental health. I was distant from this project and I don’t have a lot of work in game programming. My only works are on game design.


I tried the role of Team Leader because I had good feelings with this job during past projects. I wanted to lead on a bigger project to see if that was a work for me. However, because of the pandemic, my work environment wasn’t favourable and I failed to manage myself.

This experience was so bad that after that I was really uncertain of my capacity to lead a team. That’s also affected my motivation in game design, I had a period of doubts.
But now, this project is in my back, I learned from it, mainly about team leading.



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