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This project is the final project of my game design studies at Rubika SupInfoGame. It was developed in a team of 9 people during a year, from May 2022 to June 2023.


Seance is an online 3-player co-op card game. You play as a participant of a tabletop game and you must collaborate with two friends to overcome the schemes of the game master. But a dark force is sealed in the cards of this occult game, and it won’t hesitate to take over the game master and then, put an end to the game and your life too…

My works

In the early development of this project, I worked with some team members to design some parts of the game and wrote documentation for it on Notion to share the game design ideas to the rest of the team. I also make some spreadsheets on Google Sheets to list all cards that we designed in order to balance them.

During the production phase, I have developed part of the game in Unity. But the bigger part of my work was to set up analytics for this project. I wrote a tracking plan and I managed a MySQL8 database on a Windows Server using WampServer. I also made an API using Python and Flask library to allow game instances to send data to the database. After collecting some data from playtests, I did some data analysis using Tableau to make dashboards to help game designers to understand players behavior.


This project was very exciting as this was my last big student project. I had many opportunities to learn new skills, and apply those I already learnt during my 5-year studies.

It was the first game project where I used many data analysis tools like MySQL database or Tableau in a concrete way and it convinced me to push forward in data analysis in games.