Nihonium Laboratories

Year : 2019

Time of production : 1 week

Challenge : Design a 1-hour escape game experience and make it playable in 1 week

Team :

  • Arnaud CLAUDET – Game Designer
  • Matis DUPERRAY – Game Designer
  • Manon GHIGNONI – Game Designer
  • Edouard MURAT – Team Leader
  • Paul PARET – Game Designer


During my first year at Rubika SupInfoGame, I had a short project that was about the conception of “playful objects”. This was not a project about video games or board games. Instead, it was more oriented towards things that give fun to players. We studied the case of escape games. In teams of 5 to 6 game designers, we had to make a complete escape game using the less materials we could and that fit in a 1-hour playtest.


Nihonium Laboratories is an 1-hour escape game. It has a strong particularity : It’s for 2 teams of 2 players, but none of them know about the existence of the other team. The 1-hour experience was splitted in 2 parts. During the first 30 minutes, both teams make their first riddles, leading to a way to communicate with the other team. At this moment, players discover the existence of the two other players that have their own experience in another room. This is also at this moment they understand that communication and cooperation will be needed to be able to escape at 4, instead of 2.

My works

I was the Team Leader on this project. My job was to organize the project for my team and I had to make daily reports that track our works and our difficulties. That was the first time I had a role of management. 

It was a nice discovery of what team management is. I have understood how hard it could be to be a leader. You have many things to do to manage the team, but you don’t have much time left to work directly on the project. I was still happy about this experience and I may reproduce it later, on bigger projects.


Nihonium Laboratories was a great project. We based it on the surprise of discovering there are other players that play simultaneously and that’s worked well. At the end of the week, we tested it with real players and their opinion was unanime : Discovering the other team of players in the middle of the experience was a good surprise.

For a personnal point of view, I enjoyed this project. Working on something different from video games or board games was a great idea and a great experience.