Habemus Papam

Year : 2019

Time of production : 9 months

Challenge : Make a publishable board game, from nothing to a final prototype product.

Team :

  • Thomas BOUTARIC – Game Artist
  • Thomas DEPRAZ-DEPLAND – Game Designer
  • Yanis HABIB – Game Artist
  • Antoine LEROUX – Game Designer
  • Edouard MURAT – Game Designer
  • Aliénor TIGNON – Game Artist




This project was my first project of my game design studies at Rubika SupInfoGame. It takes place during the whole first year of study. For many students, it is also their first big project aiming for the best quality. Teams consist of 3 game designers and 3 game artists with no experience in making board games.


Habemus Papam is a card game for 3 or 4 players. The goal is to be chosen to be the next Pope. To achieve this objective, players need to expand their influence to be able to convince other cardinals to vote for them.

Influence is earned with cards lay hidden face on the table. This allows players to lie on the card they put on table, and generate more influence. But during specific phases, players can accuse other players if they think they lied on their cards. If a player lies and is accused, he will be punished.

To help them, players can also play various Effect cards that give them bonuses or bother other players.

My works

On this project, I have worked on many parts of the game design. I participated in the design of the first drafts of Habemus Papam. When bases of the game were defined, I tried to create the best work environment for artists to maintain them in game iterations. Communication was essential, so I keep that in mind during the whole process of creation. I did a lot of work on the Effect cards. I designed many of them, created effects that can bring something new to the game and I balanced all Effects cards at the end of the production.


This project was very intense. We had a hard time at the start because of our lack of experience. But after we found the idea of a card game, everything went fine. I am proud of this project, I had a wonderful team, and I really found in this project what I love in game design. For the first time, I saw people having fun with my work and that’s a pleasant feeling.



Aliénor : https://www.artstation.com/allieneyge
Yanis : https://www.artstation.com/ianoc


Thomas : https://thomasdepraz.github.io/