Game & Watch : Mario Bros.

Year : 2019

Time of production : 2 weeks

Challenge : Make Mario Bros. using Unity as close as possible from the original version

Team : Solo project




This project was a little exercise for practicing Unity and C# programming. It was our assessment for the Unity course. The only thing we had was the sprite sheet and a demonstration video of the original game.


As the original version of the Game & Watch : Super Mario Bros., the player plays Mario and Luigi in a bottling plant. They have to move boxes on conveyor belts to avoid them falling.

The player controls only moves of both characters, up and down. The game automatically swaps boxes on conveyor belts if the character is correctly positioned. One successful swap is rewarded by one point. If a box falls, it adds one miss to the miss counter. After 3 misses, the game ends.

My works

As this project was a solo exercise, I made all parts of the work. First, I analyzed the demonstration video and found the instruction manual to have all the rules of the game. Then, I started programming characters, conveyor belts, box spawning, miss counter, point counter and I finished with some animations and sound effects.


Even if this project is a small one with no big deal in game design, the programming challenge was fun. At the end, the only default is there is no box spawning patterns like in the original game. Instead of that, it is only a random pattern generation. But the result is still great. I pretty much had a perfect clone of the original Game & Watch.